Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Nail in the Coffin

Yesterday's announcement of support by former candidate John Edwards seals the deal for Obama. In what suspiciously looked like testing the waters for a seat as Vice-President, Edwards appeared at a rally in Michigan and praised Obama's commitment to poverty. Just when Tuesday's big win in West Virginia seemed to give Hillary a crack through which to escape, Obama wisely sealed it a day later. Edwards, despite never having a chance, and being labeled a "pretty boy" early on, was certainly the least polarizing figure among this year's Democratic triumvirate. The one thing Edwards doesn't seem to help with is Obama's apparent struggle to capture the working class Democrats. As West Va showed, Obama still has a way to go to earn the votes of white blue collar America. Edwards' platform of fighting poverty endears him to many, but little in his biography, or heard from him on the stump, will relieve Obama's blue collar deficit.