Monday, May 12, 2008

Blogging and Jogging

Each of these activities is a creature of the modern society. Before the Industrial Revolution, man was fit from his daily chores he had to accomplish, to survive. Once the automated society really took off in the 60’s, man never again had to break a sweat in the preparation of his daily meals. According to Anchorman, jahgging emerged as a fitness fad sometime in the 70’s. It is doubtful anyone really “invented it,” it just became necessary mammalian exercise. The same can be said a blogging. Homosapiens is just a fancy way of saying upright walking animal. While it’s true, we ain’t nothing but mammals, we do happen to be a social species. Once raised by a village, we are now inured to the reality of a loneliness. Blogging is merely digital banter and discussion once reserved to the stoop or porch. Reaching further back, one can imagine the hunter-gatherer societies of early man and predict who would be the bloggers. The hunters are the adrenaline junkies of today, that have to jog to exercise their animalistic restlessness. Bloggers are gatherers by nature, only no longer do we collect berries, but rather WAGs.