Friday, May 16, 2008

El Fin de Semana

Trying to move up in the blogging world is a lot like a celebrity trying to earn their coveted "Q" rating. The "Q" rating is a pseudo-scientific survey measuring a celeb's general name recognition and likability by the general public. For you golfers out there, don't get confused with "Q" school, where you have to go to earn your Tour card back after you lose it. "Q" rating is a good thing in Hollywood, once you earn it, you can pretty much mail in it for a decade. It's true you have to produce good material every once in a while, just like bloggers who've gained a loyal readership. But in those long stretches between excellence, celebs keep their game by showing a little skin, whether it be a staged paparazzi shots, or Maxim appearances. Each of these "Q" nudges satisfy the public's insatiable appetite for eye candy. Bloggers know the same trick, show me a high traffic blog and I'll show you some skin. Of course there are snooty exceptions in both worlds that hold their heads above the fray, but they're no fun. Someone who is fun? MacG, approximately the Lacy Chabert of the blog world, showed me how to do all this crap. Thanks.


Mac G said...

I just aspire to be Gary Busey. All he does is creep out young chicks, say weird shit on some narcotic and play himself in every production.

Thanks for the Kind Words Buddy. Keep on Keeping On.