Friday, May 9, 2008

Making the most of it

Jason Sehorn has Johnny Utah green with envy. Not only does he summon the Uncle Rico, in every average-sized white male, he's wed 2 beauties. Sehorn starred at U.S.C., and then gave the Giants 3 years of respectable service, highlighted by a 1997 Super Bowl appearance. His next season was ended early by a knee injury, robbing him of his unique asset, Caucasian wheels. Also in 1998 he wed Whitney Casey, a union that lasted a year. Despite the brevity, Sehorn deserves props for scoring a cable news babe, another source of green for Utah.
Despite a flagging career, and no luck in love, Sehorn showed his resiliency by snaring the uber-hot Angie Harmon in 2000. Add that to the cush job as a panelist on Fox Sports Net, and you have Jason Sehorn living the Johnny Utah dream.