Thursday, May 1, 2008

Misguided Vigilante Justice

The kind people at have taken the perceived "immigration problem" and gathered their guns, shovels and barbwire. The website asks for reader support in submitting immigration violations, either by aliens themselves, or their employer. Pictures are posted of individuals allegedly working or living in the U.S. illegally. also runs which sports the tagline, "American citizens securing the border themselves..." Below is the plan for the fence, expected to cover all 1,952 miles of Mexican-American border. Looks prison-like, how come we're the ones trapped inside?

It surely doesn't look as impressive as the Great Wall of China. Covering 4ooo miles, the Great Wall was designed to keep the Mongolians and Manchurians at bay. Since we've all heard of Ghengis Kahn, we can surmise the Great Wall was overrated.
Trying to build a wall to stem the flow of immigration is like trying to dam up the ocean. You are better off trying to figure out what's making the ocean rise.
A fence is not an answer when you have an annoying neighbor in surburbia. It is equally useless between nations.