Monday, May 5, 2008

Indiana and North Carolina

Today the Democrats of Indiana and North Carolina will cast their votes for their party's candidate this fall. While most expect Obama to take N.C., and Hillary to narrowly take Indiana, there have been too many surprises along the way to count one's chicks yet. If Obama manages to win both states, the race would effectively be over. A decisive victory in Indiana for Hillary would go a long way towards showing the super delegates she is the stronger representative in the national election.
Obama clearly has the momentum, the money, the media idolatry, and most importantly the charisma. Imagining an Obama victory, and its impact on the Democratic Party is easy. The money will continue pile up as people get caught up in the historic feel to his campaign. Obama will roll off a string of stirring speeches and embark on a series of sit-down interviews to open up about his life. Hopefully, he will pick a steady hand for his V.P. to settle the nerves of all those Midwestern farmers he typecast.
Imagining a Hillary victory, and its impact on the Democratic Party raises different concerns. Certainly financing and organization would not be issues, as Hillary has all the quantifiable tools. What she doesn't have is the intangibles. The general like-ability of Obama, his pop culture appeal, and his bandwagon supporters. Much like Tiger Woods brought people into golf who were never before golf fans, Obama has done the same for politics. One reality of this luxury for the P.G.A., is that when Tiger doesn't play, T.V. ratings plummet. If Hillary were to win, and Obama doesn't end up as her V.P., one has to wonder what would happen to his bandwagon supporters. Would they vote for Hillary? Resent Hillary for her attacks on Obama and vote for McCain? Or simply lose interest and not vote at all?


Mac G said...

Great Recap of what would happen. I have lost all respect for the Clintons after this election.

It sure appears to be a no brainer to roll with Barry O and America is screaming for new type of leaders. No more Bush's or Clintons. Or 73 year Frauds like John McCain either.

Obama will win NC by 10-15, and lose Indiana by 4 points. Obama will gain in overall delegate count

This is purely wishful thinking but I hope the super delegates will come forward and end it.

Johnny Utah said...

i share your wistful thoughts.